Saturday, 4 April 2015

Album of the Week #1

Marking the start to my 'album of the week' series is American sludge metallers, Melvins, with their fifth studio album 'Houdini' (1993).

Album of the week is going to be a weekly (who'd have thought huh!?) installment of whichever artist or band has particularly stood out to me over the last seven days, ranging from old favorites to new obsessions, across the genres. I believe that music is a gift made to be shared and I wish to share some of my most favored with you!

Hailing from Montesano, Washington, Melvins are a trio set to deliver a selection of chunky, riff infused and experimental bangers.

Three tracks to check out:
Track No.1 Hooch
Track No.5 Honey Bucket
Track No.7 Set Me Straight

Are you a fan of Melvins? Share your favorite tracks/album.
First time listening? Share your thoughts.

Llulu Marie x

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